T hese are notes to remind me of the procedure for installing the required software through to having the photo scenery installed. Note I have Ortho4xp on a different drive to that on which X-Plane is installed so for X-Plane to access this scenery a symbolic link is required.

These notes were made using X-Plane 11 but also work with X-Plane These notes assume familiarity with X-Plane and navigating folders etc. Open the Ortho4XP.

Note : with the improved default mesh that comes with XP you may find this adequate and forgo downloading the HD mesh from alpilotx. This will also save space on your drive if you are tight for space. The HD mesh from alpilotx is better but the default XP is also adequate. Download and extract the areas you want and put all the. On the tile map below, there are tiles in blue which have already been installed. Select a new tile by clicking to place the yellow box around it.

Default is 16 but for VFR I found this too pixalated at low altitude. Level 17 is considerably better but of course is a much bigger size up to about 4GB. It may be worth experimenting with this to choose a compromise for your own visual and storage space requirements.

See below for an example read out of the actions. This is the longest step and can take several minutes. Click Build overlays. The tile you chose at the start should show in a light blue colour. Then click Choose custom zoomlevel.

The example here shows adding Gloucester airport at a zoomlevel of 19, to an existing tile at a zoomlevel of The default setings of OSM and 11 are acceptable. Click Preview 2 Choose Source and zoomlevel e. Completed in 0. Purging old masks files if needed. Spitting tile mask into ZL14 based submasks and skipping black ones.

Ortho4XP 1.3

Completed in Start of the texture attribution process Use of an alpha mask. Size of GEOD atom : bytes.More stayathome times, so Peter, Sven and me had more time to do another update — v4. We focussed on the Mediterranean area, some hundred new objects, few new churches and facades change completely the view from cockpit.

The version 4. The full download 7. Due to stayathome times, Peter, Sven and me had time to do another update. We focussed on layer 4-forests and 5-scenery and added some new vfr objects to layer 1-vfr.

For a complete changelog, refer to the actual manual. Amongst other things, we added wastewater plants to the scenery, that are easy to spot from air, it looks like this:. For users having v4. BTW: If someone is able and willing to do a promo video with all new things and highlights 3 — 5 min, in 4kplease contact me! If you discover any issue, please send me a mail. Amongst other things, we added wastewater plants to the scenery, that are easy to spot from air, it looks like this: For users having v4.

These are some of the new superb facades: For changelog and description, please refer to the download page.X-Plane 11 is one of the most popular virtual flight programs.

X-Plane Default vs. Ortho4XP Photoreal Scenery

And, most often than not, offers some of the most authentic virtual flight experiences on the market. Part of that experience is the scenery, and how real or authentic it looks. And remember, as these add-ons are continually becoming available, we will continue to update this page and tell you about them — so make sure you bookmark it and check in regularly with us.

It is perhaps worth noting and remembering before we continue, as is the case with all of the files and mods listed on this page for X-Plane 11, they are only compatible with this particular program.

x plane 11 ortho europe

All of the files, mods, and expansions listed in this article are freeware - completely free to download and use. As the article is quite lengthy, you can jump to the sections easier by using the jump links below:. This will bring the hills, mountains and general deviations in terrain to life. This is not a scenery pack as such, it simply lays the correct "ground" before you apply the photorealistic scenery packs.

x plane 11 ortho europe

As we will examine as we move along, there are slight differences in what the actual terrain and scenery available do. With that in mind, then, we will look at the specifics of the HD version of the download, and then point out the changes of the UHD version.

So, what are you going to be getting if you choose to download and install this fourth version of the global scenery add-ons? The HD version offers news sections of Eastern European terrain, which in turn leads to parts of Israel on one side, and Russia on the other.

Furthermore, other sections of Europe, including the Canary Islands and Iceland are also covered. The North American continent also features revamped sections of the United States including significant improvements in Alaska as well as in Canada, and the Central and some of the South American continent.

The Himalayas are completely transformed from previous versions, and further improvements can be found around Japan and the Pacific Islands, as well as the waters and islands around Australia.

Overall, the add-on offers generally better detail on landmarks, mountains, fields flatlands and roadways.

x plane 11 ortho europe

Even the rivers and waterways are also much more detailed. This add-on is very much worth the time to install. And remember, it is a project in motion meaning that there will be plenty more add-ons and updates in the near future. The files are separated into "tiles" so there are around tiles for the HD version and 11 tiles for the UHD version.

Undoubtedly, some of the most well-known and easily recognizable locations, in the real world and the virtual one can be found in the United States.

And the new scenery add-ons feature to of the most picturesque and unique location, not only in America but the entire world. Perhaps the location of all locations is California. And the recent add-on of the Golden State is complete in its entirety. This means that with just one download, everything you would see should you travel around California in the real world is now available to you from the virtual skies.

As well as the iconic locations and scenery available there are additional airports included in the original download that you can take off from and land at, indeed, plan a route that might take in several of them at once.

As well as the many locations, the overall graphics and finer details are all improved.

Cisco viptela training lab

There are also some more technical features that add to the overall experience. For example, when approaching airports, the ZL17 radius is increased from 4km to 15km.

Similarly, Curve Tolerance is lowered from 1. There are also numerous Water Mask fixes installed, with the Water Mask Width increased from 8 to Without a doubt, California is a state that all X-Plane 11 pilots should take the time to discover.

From the Golden Gate Bridge that strides the blue waters of the Pacific, to the old Alcatraz prison just off the coast, to the trams that navigate the slopping streets, the city by the bay is truly visually stunning in what it has to offer. Like most other recent such add-ons, the imagery used in the San Francisco add-on comes from open-source satellite photography and so resulting in authentic, high-definition photo scenery to be enjoyed from the cockpit of your chosen plane.

There are plenty of airports from which to take off from, or indeed land at, and these range from the well-known locations such as San Francisco International, San Jose International, or Oakland International Airports, to other less-known airports in Napa County, Half Moon Bay, Palo Alto, or Livermore.The Cessna SP is a single-engine, fixed-wing aircraft with a tricycle landing gear.

X-Plane 11 UHD Mesh Scenery v4

It has a cruise speed of knots and a range of nautical miles. More Cs have been built than any other aircraft, making it the most successful plane in history. More information. More powerful. Made usable. The Latest. Aircraft Usability World Overhauled fleet Aircraft models that stand up to scrutiny, from the gear trucks to the rivets. IFR-ready cockpits Every 3-D cockpit is usable for instrument flight.

Brand new user interface Easier to learn for new users. Faster for power users. Improved 3-D cockpit interaction Cockpit controls are easier than ever to set just right. Brian Lewis I was determined to get [my private pilot license]. Captain Jan Vogel X-Plane is my flight simulator because it offers great flight models, excellent graphics, a smooth frame rate, and realistic weather and lighting.

Philipp J. Professor Tom Gielda X-Plane is the perfect learning tool for the engineers of today and tomorrow. Sign Up. Order Now Purchase X-Plane 11 to access full world scenery and unlimited flight time. Buy Now.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. X-Plane 11 Store Page.

It looks awesome. This is a link to XPlane forums where all the help nessecary can be found.

x plane 11 ortho europe

Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments. Good video, it's one I watched before installing Ortho. Nice move. I'll just add that My settings were bing and base of 17 for most frequently used and 16 for inbetween.

At 17, if you want more than one tile it's pretty much do it tile by tile or set it running over night - good PC, good internet, I think it's just the servers that are the bottleneck? Personally I did 17 for the 6 tiles around the city I live in as there's lots of airfields and I use them all the time, but I tend to just use 16 for routes across country in GA aircraft and 15 for high altitude flying. It seems to me that 17 is about 10 ish gigs per tile?

So yeah, only worth having in the places you go often! All in all about a 6fps boost over default scenery for me here.


Originally posted by BN BN :. Ive read that the USA2 source may have restrictions, so you may want to consider another source. Waiting for an all-night ortho4xp download, only to discover it was incomplete in the morning due to some vague legal restriction, would be a bummer.

Originally posted by Slim Pickens :.Refer also to FAQ. Well, with the release of the X-EUROPE package, I recommend to use only this amazing scenery and to disable or delete all other things doing nearly the same.

Having the right order is very important to have the best result. Disable the antivirus programm for all paths of X-Plane and all sceneries for reading. Make an exception for file protection read mode to exclude all paths. If you like the sceneries and my work, buy me a beer — or get me drunk.

Download is….

Best Free X-Plane 11 Photoreal Scenery Add-ons for 2020

This is a beta version, not tested in detail. Download is 1. Objects are still European style, I need help from community to…. This is a special version, containing only the aerial ways derived from OSM data. That means only drag lifts, chair…. This scenery adds generic vfr objects derived from OSM data, i. This scenery replaces the forests of XP11 with forests, orchards, vineyards, tree lines and trees derived from OSM data.

Covers the whole world. No additional library needed. VFR Add-ons available for Germany and some European countries these add-ons bring objects from the SketchUp 3D warehouse to your scenery, mainly sightseeing and other remarkable objects.

Forests This scenery replaces the forests of XP11 with forests, orchards, vineyards, tree lines and trees derived from OSM data.

Pentwyn farm cottage

For the objects, original forests and trees of XP11 are used, so there is no additional library necessary. Recommend only together with w2xp sceneries, otherwise you have autogen objects on streets etc. Which sceneries are recommended for XP11? Getting the best performance Having the right order is very important to have the best result.

Support If you like the sceneries and my work, buy me a beer — or get me drunk. Download is… downloads. Objects are still European style, I need help from community to… downloads. That means only drag lifts, chair… downloads. For… downloads.December 08, However, we are far off the real thing still. The approach of X-Europe looks definitely different. The most obvious reason is that the default uses facades, placing one house aside another.

But it often invents rows of houses at places where there should not be any. X-Europe takes its OSM data to place houses individually.

Overall, the result is superior, albeit far from perfect. This comparison is quite interesting. It shows how far we are from reality with algorithmic placement of autogen. Of course, the algorithms could be improved. They could take care of proper buildings inside European towns.

I think even more generic house types with grayish facades would often help. But to get closer to reality a lot of effort and love has to go into individual placement and custom models. X-Europe Default Google Earth Outside the towns, the differences are crucial if you want to find individual houses.

Aleksandar divinity 2

The placement of the default scenery is simply not accurate. The algorithm is generic and takes into account only the type of road. X-Europe uses individual placement according to OSM data. As you see, X-Europe shows more houses. They are also more accurately placed and selected. It is a bit slower and requires to set a lower density if you have problems with frame rates.